Skp Parts Review

SKP Parts Review - A Personal Experience with Quality and Savings

As someone who takes car maintenance seriously, I've always been vigilant about the auto parts I use in my vehicle. Naturally, when the time came to replace a few components, I found myself delving into the realm of aftermarket parts, and that's where I stumbled upon SKP automotive parts. My journey with SKP parts has been quite a revelation, one that merits sharing through this detailed review.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to SKP Parts
  • What Does SKP Offer?
  • My First-Hand Experience with SKP Auto Parts
    • Quality and Construction
    • Installation Process
    • Performance and Reliability
  • Comparing SKP to OEM Parts
  • Value for Money
  • Customer Service and Warranty
  • Summary of Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict - Are SKP Parts Worth Your Money?
  • FAQs

Introduction to SKP Parts

SKP Auto Parts is a brand that offers a wide array of aftermarket automotive parts ranging from suspension components to engine and cooling systems. Praised for their balance between affordability and quality, SKP has made waves in the auto parts market. But can they stand up to the scrutiny of an avid car enthusiast? Let’s find out.

What Does SKP Offer?

SKP boasts a broad catalog of parts, which include, but aren't limited to:

  • Suspension Control Arms
  • Motor and Tranny Mounts
  • Valve Covers
  • EVAP Vent Valves
  • Water Pumps

My First-Hand Experience with SKP Auto Parts

Against the background of mixed reviews, I approached SKP parts with a healthy dose of skepticism. But, my experience turned out to be pleasantly surprising.

Quality and Construction

Upon receiving the SKP control arm for my 2004 sedan, I was immediately struck by its heft and sturdiness. The metal was thick, and the rubber fittings were robust, outclassing the lightweight original part I was replacing. This was a good start.

Installation Process

Installation was a breeze. The control arm fit perfectly, without any need for adjustments or finessing, which speaks to SKP's attention to fitment accuracy.

Performance and Reliability

Post-installation, I observed the part's performance over several months. The control arm held up to wear and tear admirably, maintaining vehicle alignment and stability. This defied the notion that aftermarket parts are inherently inferior.

Comparing SKP to OEM Parts

The biggest lure of SKP is the cost saving. With OEM parts often 4x more expensive, the choice, particularly for non-critical components, seemed clear. While there have been a few accounts of SKP part sizing issues, I fortunately didn't encounter any such problem.

Value for Money

Component SKP OEM
EVAP Vent Valve $20 $80
Control Arm $45 $180+

With cost savings this significant, SKP parts make a strong case for those on a budget who still want reliability.

Customer Service and Warranty

While I didn't need to use their customer service, reviews suggest that dealing with potential issues or defects rarely poses a hassle. The warranty offered is on par with industry standards, affording peace of mind.

Summary of Pros and Cons


  • Great value for money
  • Solid build quality
  • Good fit and easy installation


  • Some users report sizing issues
  • Potentially variable quality control

Final Verdict - Are SKP Parts Worth Your Money?

Based on my experience, yes. SKP parts offer a sensible compromise for those looking to maintain their vehicles without breaking the bank. While they may not always match OEM specifications, the savings and performance have been more than satisfactory for my needs.


Are SKP parts as reliable as OEM parts? For many components, SKP parts serve as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to pricey OEM parts.

Is the installation of SKP parts straightforward? Yes, they're designed to fit just like OEM parts, making the installation process seamless for most parts.

Where can I buy SKP parts? Numerous platforms including RockAuto, Amazon, and various other auto part suppliers stock SKP parts.

Would I consider buying SKP parts again? Absolutely. Based on my positive experience with the control arm, I'd readily turn to SKP for future part replacements.